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Department of Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics FEI TU of Košice

About Department

The Department was established at foundation of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1969 as the Department of Electrical Drives but originally it is derived from the Department of Electrical Engineering established at foundation of the Technical University of Kosice (1953). Through the years the name of the department was changed in order to express closier its activities and development. Staff members of the department are experienced in wide area s of electrical engineering, incl. automotive electrical engineering, mechatronics, and robotics what they utilise in teaching and research.

Currently, the department is responsible for education and research in systems of electrical engineering, namely in fields of power and industrial electronics, electrical machines and apparatuses, sensors, electromechanical systems, controlled drives, multi-motor drives, control systems, industrial and automotive mechatronic systems up to drives of robots. The Department offers all types of university courses: bachelor course, master course and two Ph.D. courses.